Our Commitment to Air Quality

The safety and welfare of our neighbors and our employees is our highest priority. We work here and we live here with our families. We recognize our responsibility to improve the quality of life in our community and we take that responsibility seriously.

Improving air quality is a long-term effort. Our commitment to making improvements is evident by our results. The Houston area has the most extensive air monitoring system in the country. Data proves that air quality in the region continues to improve. Industry continues to invest to improve both monitoring and control equipment.

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The Houston Regional Monitoring Network (HRM)

With more than 50 air monitors, Houston has the most extensive monitoring network in the U.S. The Houston Regional Monitoring Network is an important part of Houston's air monitoring system. HRM is committed to the scientific understanding of air quality in the Houston area. Our efforts focus on demonstrating attainment of all air quality standards.

Since 1980, HRM-member companies have invested over $30M in air monitoring. HRM operates nine air monitors in the region and has an annual operating budget of $2.2 million.

The goal of the Houston Regional Monitoring network is to provide our members with the best scientific air quality data available. Using this data, our members are able to make the best decisions about ways to effectively reduce air emissions.

We share this data with the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, the City of Houston and Harris County. We also share data with citizens, elected officials and other agencies.

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Our Measuring Process

HRM, along with state and federal agencies collects air samples throughout the year to measure the level of certain compounds in the ambient air. Together with the monitoring conducted by state and federal agencies, we have a comprehensive understanding of the state of air quality in the Houston-area.

We collect air samples at each of our nine monitoring stations. We measure for:

Criteria Air Pollutants (NAAQS)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)


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Analyzing the Data

Once we collect air samples, we analyze the samples, looking for trends, then compare the results to:

Houston Regional Monitoring- member companies meet monthly to review the data and to identify trends and improvement opportunities. We invite the TCEQ, Harris County and the City of Houston to participate in these meetings.

We also share our results with the general public, participate in Educational Outreach activities and in numerous studies and committees with the goal of improving air quality in the Houston area.

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Last Update : 2/15/2016